Venezuela's foreign minister met here Wednesday with the top US diplomat in the country to present evidence linking a Venezuelan living in the US with last weekend's failed attempt on the life of President Nicolas Maduro and to request Washington's support in the investigation.

Jorge Arreaza said after the meeting that he had delivered the US charge d'affaires James Story "a preliminary report" that details the involvement of Venezuelan national Osman Delgado in the attack with explosives against Maduro on Saturday.

"Venezuela will request the extradition of this citizen and we will carry out the request through the official channels," Arreaza told reporters.

The minister also said that Story had expressed "his concern regarding the events" as well as the willingness of the United States "to cooperate" in the investigation.

"For many years, the United States has considered the fight against terrorism as one of its main goals. We want to see this in practice by means of cooperation with Venezuela," the foreign minister added.

Also present for the meeting was Attorney General Tarek Saab, who told Globovision television that the conversation was "very cordial."

Saab said that his office had already started the procedures to request the extradition of Delgado, who he associated with the theft of hundreds of firearms and several grenade launchers from a military headquarters last year.