Venezuelan doctors and nurses on Monday took to the streets throughout the country for the 29th consecutive day demanding higher salaries and a response to severe problems in the public health system, despite the investments in healthcare that President Nicolas Maduro announced over the weekend.

"Today we ratify the continuity of this strike because we have not received any kind of response," Pablo Zambrano, executive secretary of the Fetrasalud union, told reporters in Caracas.

More than half a dozen demonstrations were registered throughout the Caribbean country, as healthcare workers took at least five public hospitals.

Zambrano said that the protesters' demands will still stand, as their salaries do not constitute a living wage, especially amid 2.8 percent daily inflation.

He also urged the citizenry to support the demonstrations, which also denounce a shortage of medication, as well as poor conditions in hospitals.

Dozens of doctors and nurses attempted to block traffic on the Francisco Fajardo motorway, the most important thoroughfare in Caracas, but their effort was foiled by police, who peacefully continued to protect demonstrators.

Another group of healthcare workers successfully obstructed traffic in the western sector of the capital, known to locals as "The Graveyard," while Catia Peripheral Hospital employees partially hindered traffic on the Caracas-La Guaira motorway, which is the only way to reach the country's main airport.

Caracas Nurses Association president Ana Rosario Contreras urged the government to rise up to "its responsibility" in the healthcare crisis.

Maduro on Saturday approved investments in the amount of $344 million to improve services in the close to 300 public hospitals in the country.