Luis Alejandro Ratti and Javier Bertucci, two of the five candidates for Venezuela's presidential elections next May 20, studied the possibility of having a single candidate, the first of the nominees announced Saturday, an option which another of the candidates, Henri Falcon, has not rejected.

Confirmation of the meeting between Ratti and Bertucci supports the intentions shown in recent days by these three candidates to join forces against their powerful opponent, President Nicolas Maduro.

"I had talks with @JAVIERBERTUCCI...about a mechanism for a possible unity," Ratti posted on his Twitter account, and said he hoped to have more such talks with Falcon and officials of the National Electoral Council (CNE).

Bertucci said nothing about their meeting during a party rally in San Felix in the southeastern state of Bolivar, nor in his tweet that said "The Change has come and #TheStreetsBelongToBertucci."

For his part, Henri Falcon campaigned in the northeastern city of Barcelona, from where he asked twice-presidential candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski to "join forces" in order to trounce Maduro.

"We will come together, we'll join all our forces so we can truly save our country and travel the path of peace, but also of progress," Falcon told Capriles in a statement broadcast by the private television channel Globovision.

Capriles, together with most of the MUD opposition coalition, decided weeks ago to abstain from the elections since they considered them unfair and dishonest, a belief supported by various other governments in the area, the United States and the European Union, among others.