The executive secretary of the opposition MUD coalition, Jesus Torrealba, said Monday that Venezuela's National Assembly, which is dominated by the opposition, will be installed on Jan. 5 despite any "obstacles" the government may attempt to impose.

"This is a regime that fears understanding and flees from dialogue, so it's not unusual for them to put all the regular obstacles in the way against the installation of the National Assembly," said Torrealba at a press conference.

He said that the Parliament will be installed because it's a public branch of government with "the legitimacy of the people's vote."

Torrealba made reference to the alert issued last Friday by the head of the Foreign Policy Committee of the lower house, lawmaker Luis Florido, who said that an effort had been launched to inform the world about the "possibility" that the Nicolas Maduro government might fail to recognize the legislature in 2017.

Florido said that "the alarm bells are ringing in foreign ministries, embassies, parliaments and international organizations who are vigilant about what could happen in Venezuela in the coming hours," and he emphasized that Maduro could even want to prevent the new parliamentary leadership from being sworn in.

Meanwhile, the MUD chief said on Monday that the restructuring of the opposition should promote changes for "resuming" the "path of victory" begun in 2015 when the opposition obtained the majority of the parliamentary seats.

"The changes we promoted starting in ... September 2014 allowed us to win in 2015. Now it's necessary for us to promote changes so that in 2017 we can resume the path of victory that we traversed in 2015," he said.

This year, the Supreme Court of Justice has declared the Parliament to be in contempt and all its actions to be null and void, including the inauguration of new leadership.