Venezuelan presidential candidate Henri Falcon on Wednesday accused incumbent Nicolas Maduro before the National Electoral Council (CNE) of violating electoral rules in his campaign for the May 20 ballot.

Falcon, a former ally of Maduro's predecessor and political mentor, the late Hugo Chavez, ignored the MUD opposition coalition's calls to boycott the election by taking part in the electoral contest.

"The government's candidate is violating electoral rules and signed agreements," Falcon told journalists outside of the CNE headquarters, where he arrived to deliver a document specifying his complaints and urging electoral authorities to guarantee fairness in the campaigns.

Falcon said that institutions at all levels of government had set up spaces on their web pages to promote Maduro.

Falcon also criticized the "state media's abuse" to back the incumbent's candidacy as well as the pressure exerted by the Ministry of Communications on private television networks to provide Maduro media coverage.

"We come here to demand the CNE to become the authority it is meant to be," the opposition candidate said.

The candidate also urged the MUD to stop calling for people to boycott the election and praised another presidential candidate, Javier Bertucci, who said he was willing to discuss a sole opposition candidacy with Maduro's four contenders to increase the possibilities of a victory.

"Now is not the time for inertia. Now is the time to step forward," he added.