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Vietnamese authorities evacuated about 47,000 people from central Vietnam as typhoon Doksuri approaches with strong winds of up to 155 kilometers (96.3 miles) per hour, and is expected to make landfall on Friday.

Thousands of Ha Tinh province residents left home after the local disaster management authorities issued an alert, and more evacuations are expected on Friday from another three central zones.

Officials also barred all fishing vessels from fishing in the risky areas, and said that 250,000 soldiers, along with a fleet of ships and vehicles, are prepared for relief efforts.

Doksuri, a category 4 (of a maximum of 5) typhoon, is expected to touch down on Vietnamese territory Friday night with strong wind and rains, reports the local newspaper Tuoi Tre.

The typhoon, which strengthened after crossing the Philippines as a tropical storm (named Maring), left four dead and 18 missing in the Philippine archipelago, and caused major floods and extensive property damage.

Deputy Prime Minister, Trinh Dinh Dung, said Thursday that the typhoon might be the worst natural phenomenon of its kind to hit the country in a decade.

In 2017, at least 140 people were killed or went missing due to the scourge of natural disasters, according to official figures.

Strong tropical storms are very common in central Vietnam, and are generally recorded between May and October.