efe-epaErbil, Iraq

Polling stations closed Sunday following parliamentary elections in northern Iraq's semi-autonomous Kurdistan region with no major incidents reported, electoral officials told EFE.

This was the first election in Kurdistan since the abortive Sept. 2017 independence referendum, which was annulled by the central government in Baghdad.

The Kurdish electoral commission warned that any center that allowed voters to enter after 6 pm local time (3 pm GMT) would have their results annulled, the head of an electoral center in the regional capital Erbil, Mohamed Abdelrrahman, told EFE.

No official voter turnout data had yet been released, although local media indicated that the participation was expected to be low.

Since 8 am local time (5 am GMT), some 3.3 million Kurds were called to elect 111 deputies for the new regional parliament, of which 11 are reserved for ethnic and religious minorities including Christians, Assyrians, Turkmen and Armenians.