London City Airport on Monday remained closed while the Royal Navy tried to remove an undetonated World War II bomb that was found nearby in the River Thames, United Kingdom authorities said.

LCA chief Robert Sinclair said all flights in and out had been canceled after the bomb was found on Sunday morning at King George V Dock and urged passengers to not travel to the airport while the Metropolitan Police and Navy worked to remove the device.

"Our amazing Bomb Disposal teams are once again doing their bit making safe and removing a live WW2 bomb from near London City Airport," said Jonathan Woodcock, deputy chief of Naval Staff and Second Sea Lord, on his official Twitter account.

In a statement, the Met Police said a 214-meter (234-yard) exclusion zone had been set up in the immediate area and officers had been working to evacuate all properties within it.

According to Scotland Yard, the device was found early on Sunday morning and identified as an unexploded bomb from WWII by specialist officers and the Royal Navy.

"While we endeavor to progress the operation as quickly as possible and minimize disruption, it is important that all of the necessary steps and precautions are taken to ensure it is dealt with safely," read the police statement.

LCA is found in the east of London, just a few kilometers away from the city's financial hubs, and its single runway sits on a marina just off the Thames.